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You Got Questions, I Got Answers (Maybe)

I am going to try something new here on my site. And, I should say I don’t know how long it will last. But, I am willing to make a six-month commitment to give it a go (at a minimum.) So…. For at least the next six months (maybe longer,) I will attempt to answer as many computer/IT/programming questions as I can from my readers right here in my blog. At least a few times a week, I get messages from readers asking about various computer-related topics, and I do try to answer as many as I possible can. And, …

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Move Over Express VPN; Make Way for SurfShark VPN

If you follow my blog even a little, you probably already know that I write a fair bit about VPNs. For years, I used a self-hosted VPN (Pritunl). And, that worked wonderfully – until certain streaming sites (hint: Netflix and Amazon Prime) started banning IP addresses owned by DigitalOcean and other hosting platforms. Since 2018, and until just recently, I have been a loyal Express VPN customer and fan. However, I now no longer use Express VPN and have made the switch to SurfShark VPN. In this post, I would like to explain the reasoning behind my decision to switch …

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Ticket Booked! I’m Going to Mars, Sorta.

Well, I am excited. Just added my name to the list of “digital-passengers” for the the Mars Rover trip, which is scheduled for July 2020. Quick Note: Today is the last day to sign up. What will you get by signing up? Absolutely nothing! Still, seems like a novel idea. If there is, by some very small chance, some hidden and intelligent life on Mars, I want them to know who I am. Hence, my name is now on the list in some obscure database (that will probably be included on an even more obscure USB flash drive or something …

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VPN Gate Review – Free Instant VPN Access

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research and checking into possibly changing out my Pritunl VPN server I created nearly three years ago. I mean, it’s still performing really well. However, since it’s hosted on a Digital Ocean server, I can’t use it for Netflix and the like (since I am usually abroad for work.) Netflix and other streaming services have pretty much mapped all Digital Ocean IP addresses by now and just block access from them all. Still, the VPN works great for many other purposes, and as far as performance, reliability, and security are concerned, is totally …

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