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How to Add Free Voicemail to Your Site in Five Minutes

Add Free Voicemail to Your Site in Five Minutes

I recently stumbled across the coolest little plugin that allows visitors to record and send you free voicemail messages directly from your website. The service offered by SpeakPipe is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is rather limited, as it allows only 20 messages per month and limits recording time to 90 seconds. Still, it’s pretty darn cool.

SpeakPipe does offer paid plans that let you increase the number of messages you receive as well as the recording time length. Additionally, paid plans let you remove SpeakPipe branding and even allow visitors to sign up for your newsletter when they send you a recorded message.

Getting started with SpeakPipe is super simple and straightforward and, best of all, it takes only a few minutes.

There are plenty of customization options available with SpeakPipe. For the purposes of this quick tutorial, though, I will show you how to set up a SpeakPipe free voicemail page visitors can access from a link on your site. (Note – Widgets and buttons integrated on your site are supported as well. And, that is the way I am running it here on

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Go to and click the “Get Started” button.

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Step 2 – Select a plan. The plans seem to be quite reasonable and you can even sign up for a free 30-day trial for the $8 -Bronze plan. If you’re cheap like me, though, and just want to check it out, scroll down a little farther on the page and select the “free plan” option.

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Step 3 – Enter your account details, and then click “Continue.” Don’t forget to check your email and validate your account.

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Step 4 – Select an installation option. For this tutorial, I am using the “Voicemail page” option. Click the “Create” button.

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Step 5 – Enter the Page name and Display Name values, and then click “Create.”

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Step 6 – Click the link under the “Your voicemail page address:” label to see your new voicemail page.

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Step 7 – Review your new voicemail page. As you can see, it’s somewhat bare. We’ll fix that, though.

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Step 8 – Go back to the “Site Settings” tab in your SpeakPipe dashboard. Scroll down on the page to the “About yourself” section. Enter some descriptive text about yourself or your service. Click the “Browse” button, and then select and upload a photo. Type your website address in the “Website” field.

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Step 9 – Enable the “Name required” and “Email required” options (just in case the recording is not clear or complete for some reason.)

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Step 10 – Click the “Save” button. Wait a few seconds for SpeakPipe to save the changes and display a confirmation message.  Click the link under the “Your voicemail page address:” label again.

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Step 11 – Review your new voicemail page. Now, as you can see, it’s a lot better than before.


Step 12 – Add the link to your website:

<a href=””>Send me a voice message</a>

Don’t forget to change the “yourpagename” value to the one you entered on the SpeakPipe website.

Tip – You can also add a widget or sidebar to your website by inserting some code into the header or footer section of your pages. SpeakPipe recommends that you enter the code into the header. However, I am using it in the footer section of my WordPress site and it works just fine. Once you enable the widget code on your site, it will look like this:



If reaching out to your customers on social media is important, you can even add voicemail to your Facebook page with a couple of clicks.


That’s it. Now you’ve added useful, free voicemail for your website visitors. They can now record messages and send them to you directly in your inbox.

Please comment below and let me know of this service and if you think it’s useful. I just started using it a couple of hours ago and have already received a few messages. So, I might have to pry open my wallet and pay for SpeakPipe soon.

Be sure to share this with others that you think might benefit from this service as well.

Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to like and share.

Until the next one, peace!


*Disclaimer – I am not affiliated with SpeakPipe in any way. I just think there app is really awesome.

**P.S. I just checked their help section, and it seems they have plugins for Joomla, WordPress and other CMSs, so installation may be even easier for you than described in this tutorial.




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