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Crap Content – The Effects of Good vs. Bad Content

Crap Content Can Destroy Your Business

Crap Content – Here is a SlideShare I posted on LinkedIn that talks about the effects good and bad content can have for your website and your business.

These days, it seems everyone is a writer. However, just because a few people tell you that your writing isn’t awful, that does not mean you should be creating content for your business (or your boss’ business.) To become an effective writer takes a long time, and just like anything else, a considerable amount of practice.

I am not trying to say that amateurs cannot create good content, no not all. Still, do you want to trust something as important as content for your website (think… your company face) with an amateur. I think not. If you would like to find out more about my professional content and documentation services, click here.

Now, enough talk. Here’s the SlideShare


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