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Fantastic Free Images Freelance Writers Will Love

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You’ve found it – Free Images Freelance Writers Will Love.

These days, intellectual property and copyright enforcement is really a big deal, seriously. Therefore, to make sure somebody does not sue your butt off, you will always want to ensure that your images are not copyrighted or the intellectual property of someone else.

The easiest way to avoid copyright infringement is to search for Creative Commons images or those in the public domain. However, if you have ever used Bing or Google to search for royalty free, Creative Commons or public domain images, then you know the results that show up in your browser window are usually not really the types of images you want to use in your blog posts or articles.

If you search long and hard enough, though, you will probably come up with some pretty decent free images for your freelance writing projects. Still, there is a much easier way – jump over to Pexels.com. The guys over at Pexels have some seriously great and awesome photos that you can just download and use without any worries whatsoever.

Free Images Freelance Writers Will Use – Pexels.Com

All of the images on Pexels.com are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero, or CC0, license. What does this mean for you? Well, is quite simple; it means you can use the images in any way, on any site, in any type of work and without any attribution. Put simply, it means you can use the images anyway you want and you do not have to pay for them or acknowledge anyone when you download and use them. Easy enough?

Below, you will see a few images that I was able to find in just a couple of minutes of searching on Pexels. Although I am not sure exactly how many images are on the Pexels.com site, they claim to have more than 10,000 images available for immediate download. From what I have seen on the site, this appears to be accurate. So, if you are looking for some high quality images for your blog or website, head on over to Pexels.com and start downloading to your heart’s content.

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