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How to Build Your Own Rock-Solid and Secure Multi-User VPN Server for $5 a Month

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Part 3 – Configuring the Service and Connections

Step 1 – Click “Users” on the menu at the top of the Pritunl page, and then click the “Add Organization” button. Enter a name for the organization (My Co or anything you want). Click the “Add” button.

JeffGrundy -016

JeffGrundy -017

JeffGrundy -019

Step 2 – Click the “Add User” button. Enter the name of the new user, his/her email address (optional) and a pin number (six digits). Click the “Add” button.

JeffGrundy -020

JeffGrundy -021

Step 3 – Add more users as needed or skip to the next step.

Step 4 – Go to the Pritunl client page. Click the “Install” menu link.

JeffGrundy -022

JeffGrundy -023

Step 5 – Click the button or link that corresponds with the operating system you use (i.e. Linux, Mac or Windows.) Download and save the setup file to your computer.

JeffGrundy -024

Step 6 – Run the Pritunl installer on your computer to install the client application.

JeffGrundy -025

Step 7 – Return to the Pritunl configuration page in your web browser. Click “Users” on the menu, and then locate your username in the list. Click the “chain link” icon to the right of your username.

JeffGrundy -026

Step 8 – In the Temporary Profile Link window, highlight the link in the last field. Right-click the selected text, and then click “Copy.”

JeffGrundy -028

Step 9 – Launch the Pritunl client application. Click the “Import Profile URI” link at the bottom of the window. Place the cursor inside the “Enter Profile URI” field, and then press “Ctrl” + “V” on your keyboard. Click the “Import” button. After you click “Import,” your account information appears near the top of the Pritunl window.

JeffGrundy -029

JeffGrundy -030

JeffGrundy -031

JeffGrundy -032

Step 10 – Click the “3-bar” menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Pritunl window. Click the “Connect” button. Enter your account pin number, and then click “OK.” Wait a couple of seconds to connect to the server.

JeffGrundy -033

JeffGrundy -034

JeffGrundy -035

JeffGrundy -029

JeffGrundy -037


That’s it. You’re now connected to the VPN server and surfing the Internet anonymously.

Final Thoughts

This is a very simple way to set up your own VPN for accessing sites that may be blocked in your area. However, this is not what you would really call a “secure” VPN service because Digital Ocean knows who you are and the IP address you are using. In short, this VPN server is more than adequate for the casual browsing of streaming sites and such. If you want to use a VPN for more diabolical purposes, though, then you better figure out another strategy – cause this one will get you busted for sure.

You can change the DNS server settings in the Pritunl settings window as well. The default DNS server setting uses the Public DNS service from Google, and it should work fine. If you want to use a private DNS service, though, I suggest you take a look at DNSCrypt or other DNS services that do not keep logs or record the sites you visit.

Again, though, if you want a rock-solid VPN for streaming videos, this method works like a charm – and, you will always have your own private IP address that’s not shared with other VPN users. Therefore, sites that are banning VPN services will never know who you are or from where you’re connecting.

Also, read these tutorials on installing the UFW firewall on your server and changing the default SSH access options. Both of these steps will help considerably in locking down and securing your new VPN server.

That’s all for today. Hope you learned something. Leave a comment below and let me know how this tutorial worked out for you. Thanks for stopping by!



5 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own Rock-Solid and Secure Multi-User VPN Server for $5 a Month”

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  2. Nice guide but while DO is very cool and relatively easy the bandwidth allotment are pretty stingy. 1 or 2tb per month would not go far at all.

    1. Hi Nnyan, and thanks for the comment. Yeah, I see your point. Still, I believe 1 or 2 TB is plenty for many users. I stream videos all the time with my Pritunl VPN and have never ran into any issues. DO is still not charging (as of this date) for bandwidth overages. They say they are still just monitoring overages at this point. I stream mostly TV shows and not full length movies. But since I stream everyday with the VPN, it’s fine for my own personal needs. Now, if you want the VPN for torrenting, then of course that bandwidth will get ate up pretty fast. Again, though, thanks for the comment.

  3. Nice story. Using this service for a little while myself too. Had some thoughts if it was all secure enough but after your story I do feel a bit more secured by this solution. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tom, and thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Yes, Pritunl works well, and I have been very pleased with the service. I have it connected to a domain that I will let expire soon, though. Just have too many. So… we’ll see how easy it is connect the server to a new one. Keeping my fingers crossed. Glad you’re enjoying Pritunl and for the comment. Thanks again.

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