10 thoughts on “How to Delete the Built-In Windows 10 Administrator Account”

  1. Thanks for posting this. It works well. I have been trying to find the correct steps for a while. So, thanks again!

  2. Jeff, I added a new Admin account, and then deleted the original Admin account (it had my name “Jim” as the folder name, and I want to get rid of it). When I am logged in as the new Admin, I am not allowed to delete that Jim Users folder, or its subdirs. I am using the command prompt (run as admin) to attempt the deletes.
    I then attempted to use your regedit approach, but I I only get system level accounts like VMWare and AMD under the Names folder, no normal account folders.


    1. Hi Jim. Thanks for the question. Your inability to delete the “old admin” folders is probably due to one of two reasons. 1.) The files or folders have been locked, or 2.) (which is much more likely) the “ownership” of the folders needs to be changed.

      With another administrator account, you can “change ownership” easily enough. Just right-click the old admin folder, click “Properties,” and the click the “Security” tab at the top of the Properties window. Click the “Advanced” button, and then click the “Change” link next to the “Owner” field and follow the prompts.

      Of course, a quick Google search of “how to change folder ownership in WIndows 10” will probably bring up a lot more examples of how to do it.

      Once you change ownership of the old admin folders, you should be able to delete them easily. If not, try a file/folder unlocker like “LockHunter” or “Unlocker.”

      If you need a step-by-step walkthrough, you can find a pretty decent one here: https://winbuzzer.com/2020/03/06/windows-10-cant-delete-folder-or-file-here-is-the-fix-xcxwbt/

      Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. Once again, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the question. Glad to be of service.


      1. Jeff, thanks for the quick reply. My problem of not being able to find the original Admin account in regedit was a “user error”, I went down the wrong tree. Now fixed.
        I used your step to change ownership of the files/folders, and was able to delete them. A bit tedious by hand, but quicker than me trying to write a .bat file…

        1. Hi Jim. Glad to hear you got it all sorted. Also glad to help in some small way. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Hope to see on the blog again soon. Stay Safe.

          Best Regards,

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