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My name is Jeff Grundy and I am a full-time freelance developer and writer. I specialize in creating both dynamic applications and engaging content for my clients.


Take That!
Take That Haters!

I have been a professional programmer for nearly 30 years and an avid tech writer since 1996. I worked at Microsoft for nearly 17 years as a developer on the Microsoft Access team. This allowed me to hone my skills in a variety of programming languages such as C++, C#, ASP, .NET, Java, Python and others.

During my time at Microsoft, I also worked with the Microsoft Press team on documentation related to Microsoft Access. Since leaving Microsoft, I have continued to be active in the Microsoft Access community and contribute frequently to various Access-related blogs, forums and publications.

These days, I am still a coder and a writer; but, I’m also a web designer, problem solver, doting father (and husband) and all around pretty-good guy.

I have written literally thousands of articles, blog posts and other types of content that have been published on the Internet and in printed publications.

My writing has appeared in major publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle, as well as on major websites such as GlobalPost.com, Salon.Com, OpposingViews.com and many others. (Note – you can find links to many of published pieces HERE.)

I have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech.) I love math, and my background in mathematics has helped me immensely in coding many analytical and financial applications for various clients.

If you’re looking for a freelance coder or writer with experience in various disciplines and styles, then I am your guy. If you would like more information on how I can help with your next coding or writing project, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]. Or, you can click here to visit my Facebook page, and then reach out there. Finally, if that all sounds like too much of a bother, just complete the form below and send me a message from here.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can help make your next tech-related project a success. Until then, thank you so much for visiting my website. Have a fantastic day/evening/life.

Sincerest regards,

Jeff Grundy Pro Freelancer

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