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OwnCloud – Free File Sharing for Freelance Writers

OwnCloud – The Better Cloud Storage Solution

Being the professional freelance writer that I am, I frequently need to provide cloud access to clients for files I create for them. Until recently, I always used Dropbox or Google Drive to provide this type of access to those who hire me to writer for them. However, I now use OwnCloud instead for my clients’ cloud storage needs.

With OwnCloud, you can upload documents and file to your own private Cloud Server, and then provide access to your clients much in the same way you would do with the sharing options provided by Dropbox or Google Drive. The different being, with OwnCloud, though, is that you can encrypt any or all of the files that you store online. Maybe not a big deal. But, still, nice to know you can if you think the NSA might want to peek at them.

Just like the big boys, OwnCloud provides you with desktop and mobile apps that you can use to upload, download or sync files between your personal cloud server and devices at any time and from anywhere.

OwnCloud is totally customizable and you can host it on your own website – giving you much more flexibility and security than with Dropbox or Google Drive. While installing and using OwnCloud is not as difficult as you might think, performing an OwnCloud installation is not for the complete newbie either.

Check back again soon as I will be creating a step by step tutorial on how to install OwnCloud on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu instance. Oh by the way, if you are not already using Digital Ocean to host you blog, development site or any other type of website, you’re missing out on a lot.

Digital Ocean is a great host, with great service, powerful servers and – best of all – rock bottom prices. Digital Ocean virtual private servers — or droplets as they call them — are not really for noobs or those uncomfortable with the command line or using a terminal application. Still, if you have even a little technical experience with running a Linux-based Web servery, you’ll be up and running with Digital Ocean in no time at all.

While you’re waiting for the best OwnCloud tutorial ever, have a look at what the platform offers by clicking here. Oh and also, you can get a free $10 credit if you sign u tp Digital Ocean using this link. Might not seem like much. But, with $10, you can host a pretty darn good site for TWO MONTHS. Not too bad.

Once again, check back again soon for the tutorial on how to install OwnCloud and create your own personal cloud storage site. Until then, this is Jeff signing off. Peace and have a great day!

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