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One Month Review of Pritunl VPN Server

Update Still using my free Pritunl VPN server with a $5/month Digital Ocean droplet, and the speed and reliability are still amazing. So, after a year and a half, I can honestly say this is the best VPN solution I have ever used. Free Pritunl VPN Server Review After One Month of Use Not long ago, I published a post on how to set up your own free VPN server using Pritunl. Since I have been using the new Pritunl server for about a month now, I thought it might be a good idea to post about my experiences with …

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End-to-End Encryption and What it Means for You

Talk about End-to-End Encryption is Everywhere These days, it seems that encryption is a popular topic, and for very good reason. Encryption is changing the way we communicate and transfer data and is, in general, a very good tool for protecting privacy and preventing others from viewing personal or otherwise sensitive data. While encryption-related stories are an everyday thing these days, many users still don’t actually really understand what encryption is or how it works. So, in this post, I will outline a few basics of real-world end-to-end encryption usage, how it works, and what you need to know to …

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How to Build Your Own Rock-Solid and Secure Multi-User VPN Server for $5 a Month

Update Update – Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu are now blocking Digital Ocean IP addresses. Therefore, this type of self-hosted, private VPN server will not work if streaming from those services is your goal. This solution should still work, though, with most other types of geo-restricted content. If you’re looking for a VPN solution GUARANTEED to work with Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu, you should try Express VPN – the number one commercial VPN provider, period! (Disclaimer – In addition to my private VPN server, I also use Express VPN. And, if you sign up with my referral link, we …

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5G Coming Soon to a Starbucks Near You

USA Today is reporting that the Federal Communications Commission voted to 5-0 to designate a large block of spectrum for next-generation 5G wireless broadband services. The move is seen as an effort to spur faster development of 5G technologies and to spur consumers to transition from traditional phone systems. 5G Will Be Many Times Faster Than 4G According to industry experts, 5G is up to 100 times faster than current 4G technology and could supplant current wired broadband installations altogether in a few years’ time. The proposed spectrum for 5G is higher than bands currently being used and includes the …

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When Robots Kill

When Robots Kill – Is it Justified? Terrorism is an ever-increasing threat to major American cities, and more and more police and sheriff’s’ departments are making bomb disposal and neutralization robots important parts of their arsenals. Being near the Mexican border, (and thus a potential target for terrorists who might cross over into Texas,) the Dallas Police Department purchased three such robots from Northrup Grumman at a cost of $200,000 each. Northrup Grumman designed the Remotec Andros robot (shown in the image above) to assist police departments and security forces in deactivating bombs of various types without putting humans at …

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Don’t Wanna Get Hacked? Only Two Android Phone Brands Considered Safe

Android Phones – 60% Percent Are at Risk Thinking about buying a new Android phone soon? Well, before you do, you many want to consider something other than how cool the phone looks or how many megapixels its camera boasts. Yes, before you rush out and buy your new toy, you should take a second look and consider security. Hackers, Hackers Everywhere It’s no secret that hackers are running rampant everywhere these days, and nothing anyone can do seems to be able to stop them. In fact, a new Ponemon Institute report reveals that in 2015 more than half of …

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