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How to Save Bing Background Images

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How to Download and Save Bing Background Images

Google may have the most popular search engine, but Bing certainly has the prettiest. uses some absolutely stunning photos and images as backgrounds for its search page. Don’t believe me? Check Here! These photos make awesome desktop background images for your computer. So, if you would like to download Bing background images, this quick tip post will show you how.

Firefox Required

The method I will discuss in this post works only with Firefox. Therefore, if you’re a Chrome, Edge, IE, Opera or other browser user, then you’ll need to download Firefox before you start. Oh, I almost forgot, this method will work with Sea Monkey and other Mozilla-based browsers as well (same thing ALMOST as Firefox I suppose.)

Once you have Firefox installed on your computer, downloading those cool-looking Bing backgrounds takes only a couple of clicks. See the example below.

Step 1 – First, right-click anywhere on the background image of the Bing homepage.



Step 2- Next, click “View Background Image” on the contextual menu that appears.


Step 3 – After you click “View Background Image,” Firefox will open the photo in its own browser tab.


Step 4 – Right-click anywhere on the image in the new tab, and then select “Save Image As.”


Step 5 – Finally, just select the folder where you want to save the image, and then click “Save.”



That’s it; you’re done. Now, you can use the new photo as a background image for your desktop or anything else you can think of. You shouldn’t use them commercially, though, as they are the creative property of other people.

No Joy with Other Browsers

Below are some screenshots of what you will see if you try the above process with other browsers. Simply put, it won’t work. There are, of course, other ways to download these images. But, they’re all a bit more complicated.

Google Chrome – Doesn’t Work


Microsoft Edge – Nope, This Doesn’t Work Either

Microsoft Internet Explorer – Not!

Hope you found this useful. Comment below if you want me to post a specific tutorial. Go ahead and shoot. I’ll get it done.

Until the next one, take care and peace.




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