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White Papers – Why Small Businesses Need Them

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Small Businesses NEED a White Paper

White Papers for Small Business

Not long ago, I was helping a good friend of mine with some content for his website. Now, since he’s a longtime friend, I gave him a great deal on the writing and he’s pleased that it’s starting to rank well on Google. And, as always, I am happy that my client is happy (win, win and all.) Now, this friend operates a small local business in New Zealand in a field that is not too competitive but often misunderstood just the same; meaning, that not too many people understand his business until they need him.

He does very well with local residential customers in his area, but is having a hard time cracking the business market in his town. Now, as I said the market he serves is not ultra-competitive or anything, but that doesn’t mean he is entirely without competitors. Quite the contrary; there is really big outfit about 50 miles away that seems to have pretty much locked up business clients in his area. Still, my friend — being the go-getter-type-of-guy he is — wants to break that hold and expand his market.

Customers – Consumers vs Companies

While we were chatting about his content, I informed him that if we wanted to attract more business clients, he needed to produce content for that type of client. Of course, he asked for some ideas, and I suggested immediately a white paper. Since we discuss his business on a somewhat regular basis, I know that’s it’s a lot more complicated and technical than most think or imagine. So, I told him he should use that complexity and his expertise to help attract new customers.

Business clients are a little different from typical consumers. How? Well, companies usually buy products or services to help them improve aspects of their business or make more sales, and — generally speaking — don’t make impulse or recreational purchases. Hence, businesses generally tend to research their options more and put more emphasis on vendor or supplier reputation and perceived authority. Simply put, businesses usually want to trade with other businesses or professionals they consider experts.

White Papers to the Rescue

I explained to him that white papers are not sales pitches, but instead are information tools. White papers explain processes or solve problems with well-researched facts and data. With businesses, they want more than just the “Yeah, I am expert. Hire me.” No, these days, many businesses want you to prove your knowledge and expertise before they ever answer the phone or agree to a meeting. How, do you do that? Well, with a white paper of course.

If your business sells items or services that are new to the market, complex or are relatively expensive (or usually require a longer sales funnel or cycle,) a white paper could be a very powerful marketing tool for your company. Depending on the type of business you’re in, there are several ways your company can approach a white paper. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, your white paper should leave your potential client with the confident option that you’re the authority in your space.

My Sales Pitch

I have written hundreds of white papers for small and large companies across the globe, and every one of them has been well received and helped the client close more deals. White papers are not cheap, nor should they be. Still, my white papers are not as expensive as those crafted by some of my colleagues. While a great white paper should never be cheap (after all, you do get what you pay for in the end,) they should not be too much of a financial burden either.

If you would like to find out more about my not-cheap-but-affordable white paper services, click here and request a free consultation and evaluation of your white paper needs. After we discuss how a white paper can benefit your business, I am confident you’ll want me to start on yours right away.

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